Conversion at National Theatre Bucharest

Conversion at National Theatre Bucharest Collection of painting and photographic collage, signed by talented artist Daniel Zlota and 12 exceptional local photographers. The project proposes an innovative approach to photography and enriches the experience of photography through the art of painting.

Romanian Treasures – Milu Gallery Bucharest

Romanian Treasures – Milu Gallery Bucharest Within this watercolor collection, the artist illustrates architectural monuments as well as Romanian reference symbols, as a tribute to his national values. It is an exuberant blend of new techniques and painting materials such as ink, marker and unconventional materials

Stand Up Barber Shop

Stand Up Barber Shop A mix of art and interior design, a project that creates a special place for each customer to enjoy, by sitting on a stage and watching stand-up and comedians portraits.

Como Collezione

Como Collezione An incredible fusion of painting and photography, illustrating cars within the luxury Italian event, “Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este” transformed by the artist into idyllic landscapes and total happiness (Photo credit: Mircea Motataianu). See the gallery